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Before I take off...

Destination, Uluwatu, Bali.

Well the journey for I don't know how long, is about to begin.

As I begin this blog, sipping the burnt $6 long black I thought id leave something here for you guys.

Iv prepared basically as best I could, getting whatever I needed tied up, shots injected, clothes packed and gear so crammed into my day bag that I dread every time I need to open it up. Had to open it twice already for the classic bomb check that the airport does. Their random selection always manages to land on me for some reason...

The emotions have been up down left right and all over but now that it is about to begin, the stress and anxiety begins to melt away and the realisation of what is to come breeds excitement.

The love from friends and family as I bid farewell filled me with everything I needed, and as much as I will miss Melbourne, I know it will be there, probably exactly the same as when I left it.

Relaxation, warmth and a few cheeky beers to start sounds like the perfect tonic to ease me in.

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