Ninh Binh, The Land of King Kong

Ninh Binh! Ninh Binh! Wake up! Wake up!

I cracked open my eyes, Vietnamese men screaming at me, I had obviously gotten on the wrong bus, because I was supposed to arrive in the day and it was pitch black outside. The taxi drivers swarmed on me the second I hopped off the bus.

I was no were near my hostel and was forced to take a taxi. I don't think I had ever seen a meter go up so fast in my life. Something shifty was going on. I had no idea if my hostel was open, but when I arrived at Quoc Khan Bamboo homestay I was greeted at 4 am by Han, the owner, a lovely gentleman. He made me some pho, got me a drink and checked me into the most comfy bed of my stay, heaven after hell.

Ninh Binh is the river town, with small limestone islands all over shooting high up into the skyline. It is the capital of Ninh Binh Province in North Vietnam, famous for the nearby scenery around the village of Tam Coc. It is also the home of where they filmed the new King Kong Movie, I actually went to skull island. Don't s