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Uluwatu, Bali

Uluwatu, Bali's chill town.

Firstly, its hard to say the perfect location. All the hostels are a 30 minute scooter ride to most beaches, and the beaches are all over Uluwatu, best have your scooter license or at the very least be willing to ride one.

My first encounter was with a passenger on the back, chaotic traffic and bugs flying into my face. Probably best it started that way, because after that, it only got easier. Once you blow past the main strip of traffic you will find the beaches are well worth the effort.

Always take your helmet.

Not only will this contraption save your cranium, it will also help stop a 200,000 - 500,000 Rupiah fine coming your way. Police in Uluwatu are trying to enforce the law, if not just make themselves a little richer.They will usually wave you down,(I wont promote this),but, you can try to continue on by like you did not see them, sometimes those bugs get in your eye and you cant see where you are going.

If they do pull you over be ready for them to throw a two million Rupiah offer your way. No one pays that,so my tip is to be ready for this. Keep around 50,ooo - 100,000 R in your wallet and say that you don't have the money. If they see that you have more they will take it.

It is a funny thing to bargain with police, but when you see an eight year old riding past them with no helmet on and not getting pulled up, you may think it is a little tourist trap.Just some friendly advice I received from the locals and everyone else who was unfortunately caught without a license.

Single Fin.

This is basically the go to place for your Wednesday or Sunday session. There are not too many bars and party places in Uluwatu, so if you want to have some fun and a few beers, hit up the fin for some drinks and a good time.

The street food.

There are not to many fancy new places to eat which for me was great. I headed to most corners to grab a nasi goreng for around 15,000 R and it was some of the best meals I have had. Also grab a fried banana, its 1,000 R and absolutely delicious.

Watch out for the monkeys at Uluwatu temple.

These guys are crafty little beasts, so clever that I caught them stealing glasses of peoples faces and shoes while in peoples hands. They will basically go for anything, keep an eye out for them or they will get you when you least expect.


Uluwatu was a great way for me to start. Its not a crazy party town, just a place to hit the beaches, learn how to ride a scooter, cheap eats and great people. SR hostel was perfect for me as a solo traveler and if you pop in, say hi to Juna and the gang for me.

Happy travels guys.

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