The Volcano Path, Licen

Sweating, sticky, exhausted and ready for some hard earned rest. I was greeted at the train station by my hosts for the night. Off into the darkness we ventured.

Arriving in the small town of Licin, my driver told me that under a 100 residents live in the village. The money generated by tourism is divided up amongst the community to help develop roads and infrastructure. I asked my driver if tourism was helping or making things worse and he replied, "We did not want the community to fight about making money from tourism, so we decided that the money made will go back into the community so that we can grow together. This way everyone stays happy."

As I arrived to my homestay, I was greeted by my hosts Ahs and Supri welcoming me in with food and showing me where I could rest. With no other travellers around it was just me and the locals. I still had the intention of completing the Ijen climb in a few hours but as willing as my mind was, my body said no. Two hours sleep and two volcano climbs is not a great combination.