The Road to Bromo

Want to be up at 2am hiking? Sure you do. Here are a few tips for your trip to Mt. Bromo.

I arrived, sweaty and exhausted to Surabaya airport, found everyone sleeping, even the owners at my hostel. It had not started as I expected but that was fine, the journey would be the fun part. I did a little research into how to make my way to Probolingo, then I could organize some more details at my next hostel.

The next morning I loaded up my gear onto my grab scooter, feeling as if I would fall off at any moment and arriving at the train station two hours early. Don't trust google, sometimes it just has no idea.

Cramming into the train, it was only a two hour ride to Probolingo. The local trains are quite compact, seats are bum numbing, the A.C is quite nice and it only set me back 94,000 Rupiah. The locals don't mind a chat so say hi when you can. You definitely will not miss the stop as it is mainly tourists getting off the train here.