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The Road to Bromo

Want to be up at 2am hiking? Sure you do. Here are a few tips for your trip to Mt. Bromo.

I arrived, sweaty and exhausted to Surabaya airport, found everyone sleeping, even the owners at my hostel. It had not started as I expected but that was fine, the journey would be the fun part. I did a little research into how to make my way to Probolingo, then I could organize some more details at my next hostel.

The next morning I loaded up my gear onto my grab scooter, feeling as if I would fall off at any moment and arriving at the train station two hours early. Don't trust google, sometimes it just has no idea.

Cramming into the train, it was only a two hour ride to Probolingo. The local trains are quite compact, seats are bum numbing, the A.C is quite nice and it only set me back 94,000 Rupiah. The locals don't mind a chat so say hi when you can. You definitely will not miss the stop as it is mainly tourists getting off the train here.

After an hour at my hostel we formed our crew to hit Bromo at 2 am. Don't plan on getting much sleep, not to worry, the climb will get your mind moving.

The next morning brushing the crust from my eyes, I arose, eager and excited. I was not sure if I had slept but that did not matter, all that did was making the sunrise over this majestic giant.

Our driver was on a mission to get us to the base of the volcano on time. Flying through the streets at neck snapping speeds, we arrived in one piece. Shorts seamed like a bad idea at first but once you get moving its a brilliant move.

We headed for the peak, King Kong view point was our destination. Passing the first lookout we lost our Indonesian friends as their endurance could push no further. Poor guys were exhausted.

Forward we went, the moonlight showing the way, a torch would have been handy but it was enough to see. The first light of day began to crack the sky and we had no idea how far away we were from the lookout. Almost tempted to turn back, we decided against it and pushed on.

We finally made it, King kong was well worth the effort. I managed to find a hidden path away from all of the tourists and what I saw, was probably one of the greatest thing my eyes have witnessed to this day.

It began like this....

And eventually became this...

With this on the other side..

Once you have filled your mind with as much visual pleasure as possible, make your way to the crater, for some more incredible views.

It sounds like a plane is preparing for take off, powerful to witness.

If you are going to head to Java I highly recommend seeing this.


You don't need a guide for this. If you would like to save a few dollars, get a few people together and grab a taxi to the base of the mountain. May save you anywhere between 100,000-500,000 Rupiah.

If you really want to walk, you can take the 7 km hike across the plane and get to the crater on your own, rather than taking a jeep for 150,000 rupiah.

There are also secret paths behind some of the small houses. I also heard that you can rent a motorbike and cruise through the entire thing from Malang.

It is a pretty easy climb so if your fitness levels are somewhat good you will cruise through this.

Happy trekking.

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