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Wet and wild waterfalls, Central Bali.

I think I found the best waterfall in Bali, care to join me?

Sometimes the tourist traps just get you down, you have seen a million temples, taken the same photo as everyone else of that monkey on your shoulder and feel like something different. The hardest paths usually lead to the greatest rewards because no one else has the energy to go that extra mile for something worth pulling out your camera.

I was staying in Ubud and I knew my dear friend Raph was in town. He suggested we take our scooters out for the longest ride we had attempted. It was only two and a half hours away but I had not ventured that far in one trip just yet. "Sounds like a plan, where are we headed?" I asked inquisitively. " Nungnung falls my mate, you ready?"

I rented my Scoopy scooter from some random shop, breaks screeching as I pulled back on them, filled up my tank with the side of the road home mix fuel and readied myself for the journey ahead.

Raph and Rodney were ready, off we went, our destination was the mid north of Bali, Nungnung waterfalls.

The congested madness of Ubuds main strip was soon forgotten once we rode out of town. Ten minutes into the journey the grey concrete landscapes began to transform into green rice fields, open planes and smooth roads perfect for cruising.

The mid north of Bali is not a common place for tourists, which made the locals happy to see us, waving hello and throwing big smiles as we passed. The food was also much cheaper and probably even more delicious.

After two and a bit hours the roads turned to gravel and the population thinned into no one. We had arrived at our first destination, only another 500 steps stood in our way now, classic Bali, you cant get to anything without a workout.

As we ventured down the endless steps, we had no idea what we were in for. Water began to run over the path as we approached, the sounds of crashing water began to rise and once we turned the corner we found this beast staring us in the face. Its sheer force was too much to stand under, even standing fifteen meters away didn't stop the spray from soaking you. The wind and rain the day before intensified our experience. The best part was almost no one there, hidden away, this wonder is waiting to be witnessed by searching eyes.

The more of central Bali I visited the more I found, I was just running into signs on the way to rice fields that were leading me to more waterfalls. This next one in Leke Leke almost turned us around. We had no idea how far we had to venture or what we were going to see but in the end the persistence was well worth it.

This Jungle trapped fall was a green sanctuary, the water at its base turquoise with the sounds of wildlife filling your ears. It was not the biggest waterfall, but what it lacked in size it gained in ambiance.

The final stop took us to Tupak Cepung. This waterfall can be hard to find on your maps but ask a local and they should help pinpoint it encase your maps is a little silly.

As you step through the jungle the thin path will lead you past a large rock formation which becomes a small cave before opening up into the wall of water. This is not a great spot for a photographer as my lens filled up with condensation and water droplets covered the front of my lens almost instantly, probably take your action cam.

Find a set of wheels, set up a few targets around the centre of Bali and ride for a day or two. If you are feeling some adventure and jungle vibes, then the ride through the green fields and small villages should be enough to entice you, throw in some of the best waterfalls in Bali and you have yourself a recipe for adventure.

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