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Canggu, Food and Boogies.

Canggu, Bali's easiest place to get stuck.

If you are looking for a place to relax during the days, find some delicious food, good people and night time party vibes, look no further.



If you are interested in Indonesian street food than you must pop into a warung and pick and choose whatever you like. A warung is often a small family run business or pop up cafe that will offer you rice and whatever you would like to accompany it with. Beef, chicken, curries, spicy tempes, tofu, nuts, eggs, veggies basically most things you can think of Indonesian style. The best part is, that it will usually set you back between $1-2 Aud. Once you try these, you will always go back. You can find them all over the place in Canggu which made my stay all the more delightful.

Flavor Delights

Crates and Hungry Birds are two new age hot spots serving up fresh fruit and muesli combos, insane big breakfasts, fresh juices and pancake stacks that will knock your socks off. Hungry birds is roughly half price but crates has and endless list to choose from. Hours will melt away at either of these fantastic spots.

Bars and Nightlife

Pretty Poison

Canggu's night life is often quite laid back but the later the night progresses the more intense things become. Head to Pretty Poison for some beers and a local skate competition. If you want some new ink, they also have tattoo artist inking people up till close.

Old Man's

Old mans for, well, everything. Electronic beats, old school R'n'B, live rock music. Most nights are different but Wednesday is your biggest night as the place packs out to some great electronic beats. Cheap drinks, great people and plenty of space to get your boogie on.

Sand Bar

When the bars begin to close but your body want to keep on moving have no fear, head to Sandbar for a late night beach party. The tunes will kick on till around 5am. Make sure to have a boogie with the locals, those guys have some wicked moves and are always bringing great vibes.

Go have some fun guys, but beware, you may find yourself extending your stay much longer than you expected.

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